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Smartseal monoblock sealer helps to keep maintainence to a minimum by creating a water resistant barrier and solidifying the sanded joints 

But as with all external Scotland, some maintainence is advised to help keep the monoblock in the best condition possible

The driveway or patio would benefit from a treatment of fungicidal wash maybe twice a year, plus a gentle wash down with water. This will keep surface dirt, algae,weeds and grime to a minimum. Then by occasionally sweeping with a broom the build up of moss in the joints will be prevented.

Smartseal monoblock sealer can be re-applied at any time to highly trafficed or damp shaded areas. A  further overall coat of monoblock sealer approx is recommended every 2-5 years.If this advice is followed the monoblock paving will maintain it's original 'just laid' look and condition.

Remember the monoblock paving should always be as clean as possible, totally dry, with the joints between the pavers full of kiln dry sand before any re- application of sealant is considered.

If you are looking for any further information regarding the maintainence of your monblock paving after sealing contact us or call 0800 988 0348