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Monoblock Sealer

Any type of Monoblock laid in Scotland will benefit from the application of Monoblock Sealer. Treatment with Monoblock Sealer is the recognised method the of reducing ongoing maintainence and protecting the monoblock from deterioration caused by the elements.

By applying Monoblock Sealer the paving will be protected from loss of colour and staining. The Monoblock Sealer will also inhibit algae and weeds plus enhance the pavers natural colours. 

For industrial & commercial businesses, if the paving becomes soiled with stains or chewing gum it will be far easier to clean once Monoblock Sealer has been applied. Monoblock Sealer from Smartseal is available in 5 litre and 25 litre drums for Homeowners & Trade Customers in Scotland- BUY NOW, with discounts given on larger orders. If you are a homeowner it is worth considering our DIY project kits these  are supplied all the tools & Monoblock Sealer required for a excellent job, at diy prices.

For every new Monoblock Sealer customer we supply a step by step application guide.  Smartseal Scotland's technical support helpline is available on 0845 618 2770 or for further assistance complete our online form

A pratical demonstration video of monoblock sealer being applied can be seen here

MONOBLOCK SEALER-Product description: Smartseal Monoblock Sealer is produced as a clear, UV light resistant sealing material which will penetrate and bond to the surface of monoblock pavers.

Monoblock Sealer Benefits

  • Oil & Stain resistant
  • Enhanced natural colours of Monoblock
  • Protects against loss of colour
  • Reduced occurence algae and lichen
  • Easier & less often maintainance
  • Solidifiesd sand joints
  • Easy application by sprayer or roller
  • Moss & weed growth inhibited

Additional information on Monoblock Sealer can be obtained by calling 0800 988 0348 or completing our online form